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ABI Frequently Asked Questions

ABI (Aeries Browser Interface) Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having trouble setting up an account or getting ABI to work, please contact, Susan Munson at the District Office 961-2850 extension 3522, or e-mail her at smunson@fbusd.us, or Rebecca Walker at the high school 961-2880 extension 3700, or e-mail her at bwalker@fbusd.us. One of the above will get back to you as soon as possible. When you contact them please include your name; your child’s name, school, and grade; and your daytime phone number in your message.

Viruses and spy-ware can cause significant interference with Aeries Browser-ABI. Please be sure your computer’s virus protection is up to date and that you clean spy-ware from your computer frequently. Spybot http://www.safernetworking.org/en/download/index.html and Ad-Aware http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ both have free spy-ware removal tools.

I lost my verification code.
To protect student privacy by avoiding the risk of a person not authorized by parents creating an account, we cannot give replacement verification codes over the phone or via e-mail. If you leave a message either via phone or e-mail  as directed above, a replacement verification code will be mailed to your home address.

I forgot my password.
Click on the Forgot your Password link in the lower right hand corner of the log on screen.

We moved and my phone number and address have changed.
If any of your information changes, please contact the school, which will update the database so that you can set up an Aeries ABI account.

How current is the information shown in ABI.
The data you see is in real time. As soon as data is posted to the database, you can see it. For attendance data, you can expect that teachers will take roll and post the data by the end of the day. Teachers will update homework and grades periodically as their time permits.

We don’t have a computer at home, and I would like to access Aeries ABI.
Aeries ABI will work on any Internet-connected computer running Windows. You can access student information from work, from computers in public libraries, etc.

I just saw my child’s attendance, and I realized I needed to clear an absence.
You can clear an absence by contacting the school’s attendance clerk or by sending a note with your student. All students have 3 days to clear any absence, after that it will be considered a cut.

I don’t want anyone else to be able to view this information.
Unless you have give us an e-mail address that has been entered in our database, it is not possible to set up an account without the verification code, and the code is only sent to the address we have listed as your child’s home address. If parents and students do not share the verification code with other people, no other people can set up accounts, even if they are emergency contacts. On the other hand, it is possible that your child has another person (grandmother, etc.) who you might want to give access to ABI. Sending the person the verification code and the student ID would allow her to set up an account, as long as the person is listed as an emergency contact. If parents are divorced, the parent at the child’s home address will receive the information and can share it with the parent residing at a different address. It is up to the parents(s) living at the child’s home address to decide who should have an account and to distribute the verification code and student ID to them.

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